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7 Ways to Make Money with Your Car

Written by Donna Parshall on 2015-02-18

Ways to Make Money with Your Car

7 Ways to Make Money with Your Car

Having a car can be one of the biggest drains on your budget. However, there are several ways you can make money from your car. Many of these can be done as a way to supplement the income you receive from your full-time job or as full-time jobs themselves.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#1: Drive for a car service

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have become quite popular in the past few years. Using a smartphone app, these services connect drivers with riders and tend to be far cheaper than traditional taxi cabs. Of course the taxi industry is quite upset about this, citing passenger safety as a key concern. This is an odd stance from an industry that is known for aggressive driving techniquesSome drivers for Uber claim they can make upwards of $1,300 a week driving just 35 hours. Others warn that the pay and working conditions are uneven. With Uber and Lyft, drivers and vehicles must go through an approval process that involves a background check and interview.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#2: Deliver pizza (or other food)

This is can be a pretty great job, depending on your location. You work mostly on your own, but also as part of a team. In most cases, you get a base wage plus tips. Unlike some restaurant jobs, tips aren’t counted against your hourly earnings. Plus, everyone is happy when you show up!Location can make a big difference in your earning potential. College students, for example, don’t tend to be the greatest tippers. Work is steady near a university, though. Rural areas might not be as lucrative either with homes spaced so far apart, and some urban and suburban areas can be easier to navigate than others.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#3: Wrap your car in advertising

This sounds like the title of a David Sedaris book, but it’s actually one of the newest ways to make money with your car. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady,  you can make up to $500 a month by allowing marketers to wrap your car in advertising- – similar to the way NASCAR vehicles are decked out.There are several companies across the country that do this, including Adz in Motion, Free Car Media, and Driven Media. Whether or not you’re approved and the amount of money you can make are usually dependent on what type of car you drive and how many miles per month you drive it.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#4: Make a car video

Making money on video sites like YouTube and Daily Motion is a challenge, simply due to the massive amount of competition for viewers. However, if you find your niche you could make a few bucks. Most drivers aren’t automotive experts, but if you know a thing or two about cars this could be your niche.The videos don’t need to be as in-depth as the ones by Eric the Car Guy , though if you have that level of knowledge feel free to use it. Instructional videos about cars can also cover how to use Bluetooth with your vehicle, what certain gauges mean, or how to change a tire, to name just a few. Do you live near a major tourist destination? Make a video showing visitors how to navigate area roadways and attractions.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#5: Hire out your car for movie/TV work

This is one way that older cars in particular can bring in extra money. More and more, film studios are making films outside of California. Many of these films are period pieces. In other words, they are set in the past and require the use of cars from a certain era. There’s not necessarily a need for the car to be in mint condition, either.Your state, and perhaps even the city you live in, probably has a film commission. This will be the best resource to find out the number and types of films being shot in your area. Renting your car to the filmmakers can be done in a variety of ways.For smaller productions you may be able to contact the producers directly. There are also brokers who can match classic car owners with TV, movie, and commercial shoots. The rarer the car, the more money it can command.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#6: Take care of your car

Another way to approach the idea of making money from your car is to reduce how much your car is costing you. A good place to start is with something ABC News calls “free fixes.” Also called service bulletins, these are repairs that car dealerships will make either due to government ordered recall or voluntarily. The best part is, you don’t have to be the original owner to have these issues taken care of free of charge by the local dealership.To find out if there is a service bulletin on your vehicle, head to Simply type in your car’s information, including make and exact model. You’ll not only see the service bulletins and recalls, if any, but a list of scheduled maintenance items.Keeping your car properly maintained is another way to keep it from costing you money. By performing routine services on your vehicle, you can help prevent a major expense down the road. The owner’s manual should have list of what services need to be performed and when.

Make Money with Your Car Tip#7: Sell it

Are you sure you need a car? If you live in an urban area, perhaps you can get by using public transportation. Live in a more temperate part of the country? Consider walking or biking. Many cities, including Los Angeles and Cincinnati, have buses that allow bike riders to attach their two-wheelers to a special rack. This allows the rider and bike to hitch a ride to the next stop. If you live away from a highly populated urban center, consider sharing a car with someone.Selling your car can net you a nice chunk of cash – which you can use to catch up on bills or save for an emergency. Not having to pay for gas, insurance, parking, or maintenance will boost your budget as well.

Weigh the costs

Using your car to make money isn’t all profit, of course. You have to factor in wear and tear, fuel costs, and insurance. Driving for a car service or delivering food will cause more wear and tear on your vehicle – especially since you’ll be using it for short trips, which is harder on your car. A website called has a handy calculator that gives you a nice breakdown of what it costs to operate your car.